Producers plan to bring movie quality to the Arrowverse

Superman is the first Holy Trinity hero from DC Comics to join the Arrowverse with his own series – Superman & Lois. In a panel on the series, executive producer Todd Helbing vowed to bring all the glitz the hero deserves.


According to the Deadline portal, Todd spoke to Greg Berlanti, his executive co-producer at this company, about how it would be more interesting to work with Superman through the prism of family relationships.

The idea is to work with dramas that are easier for audiences to identify and for that they have sought inspiration from other similar series, like Friday Night Lights – which explores the relationship of a family involved in football. .

Clark returns to his farming origins in Superman & Lois.

This more down-to-earth approach was essential in convincing actors Tyler Hoechlin (Clark Kent) and Bitsie Tulloch (Lois Lane) to accept the role. Tulloch took the opportunity to praise how the couple dynamic between Lois and Clark was written in a very captivating way.

“(The premise) It was very down to earth and very sincere. I hope audiences will be won over by this couple who – although they are an energetic journalist and Superman – are very easy to identify and face the same issues that any normal couple must face.

Lois needs to regain the confidence of her teenagers.

Film quality

To strengthen this bond between the couple and the audience, Helbing decided to invest heavily in the quality of the production to deliver something worthy of cinema screens.

“We approached the series as close as possible (to the approach) of a film – from the aspect ratio, through the direction of the photography, through the visual, to the design of the house and of the farm. We’re competing with cable TV and streaming series… We wanted to deliver something of a similar quality to the public. “

This concern for the technical quality of the production was very evident in the trailer released yesterday after the event. Check-out:

Finally, the CW released new footage to publicize the production, focusing on the couple’s teenagers: Jordan and Jonathan. Besides Hoechlin and Tulloch, the cast also includes India Navarette, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Adam Rayner, Wolé Parks, Erik Valdez and Sofia Hasmik.

Superman & Lois opens in the US on February 23 in a 1.5-hour special.

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