Producer Responds to Criticism on Series Pace

WandaVision is in its fourth episode and has won over many fans with its weirdness and with several mysteries woven each week, as we delve deep into the trauma and fears of Wanda Maximoff. For some of the fandom, however, the series suffers from a slower and slower pace, and the series creator acknowledges those criticisms.

In an interview with Digital Spy, producer Jac Schaeffer spoke a bit about the complaints and criticisms related to the pace of the show and how very “slow” it is. For Jac, this was a real concern when designing the series – and even so, it ensures fans will find satisfaction in future episodes, as we’ll have something closer to the traditional Marvel standard:

“I understand. I was worried about that too, especially since Marvel fans have a lot of expectations and we play around with those expectations a bit. But I think anyone who invests in the series will find satisfaction in it. series in places that will appeal to mainstream Marvel fans. ”

The fourth episode of WandaVision already has a few answers (and more questions).

In another magazine recently donated to The Hollywood Reporter, the producer explains how Kevin Feige was on the whole plan and even encouraged exploration of the sitcom, giving a good time before starting the epic action and d Marvel adventure that many fans were already waiting for:

“To credit [Kevin Feige] – and that’s one of the reasons I love working for him – he already mentioned [à série] like “playing with the audience”. He really wanted to see how far we could follow this proposal and we had a lot of conversations about how long we should stay black and white because we knew we were going to have to do color episodes. It’s always been a part of a bigger story. So it’s really wonderful that he allowed us to dive into the sitcom and delay this bonus a bit.

This “gratuity” from Jac specifically mentions the moments of more unbridled action, something that should happen in later episodes, once the whole plot involving Scarlet Witch’s “perfect world” is over. At the moment, we’ve already seen some very interesting ramifications of this proposal, and some of the more recent episodes are already giving clues as to what we can expect in the next chapters.

WandaVision is available on Disney +. The series is currently in its fourth episode (until the publication of this article) and we are finally getting some answers, especially regarding the town of Westview and the Scarlet Witch’s participation in all of these events.

Below, save the Easter eggs and references in the third episode of the series:

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