Producer comments on Magnum art behind the scenes

Since the first episode, WandaVision has given fans a lot of mystery and entertainment. Every week new theories crop up, based on the comics, about what we see on the show and what ends up showing up behind the scenes. Which was the case with Magnum concept art, which appeared in a video posted by Marvel itself. Now, series producer Jac Shaeffer has spoken on the matter.

During the backstage screening of the series’ first episode, which was filmed in front of an audience as was customary in the 1950s, the Marvel video showed special interviews with the WandaVision crew. Attentive fans, however, managed to identify Magnum art appearing in the background, which generated several theories on the internet.

Magnum behind the scenes at WandaVision

Speaking about the case in an interview with The Playlist, showrunner Jac Shaeffer replied very cautiously:

“I was in our writers’ room, covered from floor to ceiling in all kinds of art and inspiration. And it’s a very interesting piece and… it’s… ”

From what she says, it’s possible to understand that it all may have been just a reference or inspiration that they may have included in the series, without necessarily meaning that the hero will appear in the MCU. What do you think?

Who is Magnum?

Magnum facing Iron Man in the comics

In the comics, Simon Williams is directly linked to Vision. With a complicated storyline, the character starts out as one of the villains of the Avengers, but ends up joining the team. After being kidnapped by Ultron, the villain used Magnum’s brain patterns to create Vision – unlike the MCU, whose brain is a combination of Ultron and JARVIS

Magnum later reveals that he is in love with the Scarlet Witch and the two engage in a quick romance. The character is also the Reaper’s brother, a character who appeared as an Easter Egg at the opening of the second episode of WandaVision.

In the comics, he also cultivates a strong friendship with the Beast, the X-Men, who often save him from making mistakes that he could end up repenting for the rest of his life. He was also responsible for the creation of the Retaliators supergroup, consisting of Demolition, Anti-Venom, Atlas, Virtue, Goliath, Demon Slayer, Century and Captain Ultra.

Endowed with super strength, sharp reflexes and the ability to absorb and trigger bursts of ionic energy. His power is no joke: On several occasions powerful heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk considered him to be one of the most powerful members of the Avengers of all time.

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