Producer claims series carries Black Panther legacy

The huge success of Black Panther only reinforces the fact that we need to talk more about racial portrayal in superhero movies. Hawk and the Winter Soldier, according to executive producer Malcolm Spellman, will be the next chapter in this important discussion.

The legacy of black heroes

In an interview with TV Line, the showrunner explained that the cultural impact of Black Panther and the work of director Ryan Coogler had a direct impact on how he viewed this project.

“When you start to see the direct impact of a black superhero on my nephew, it got stuck in my head. I believe Falcon and the Winter Soldier naturally wear the coat that Coogler and Chadwick [Boseman] left for us.

Ryan Coogler’s vision forever changed noir cinema.

For Malcolm, maintaining great black superheroes is essential to gradually changing the way future generations view the race question. This is the most natural way to start a dialogue with children of all ethnicities.

“I truly believe that these giant black icons are necessary, not only for our black children, but also for white children to absorb [essa ideia] – our people are formidable and heroic… ”

A new industry look

Malcolm made a name for himself on American television, producing one of the most influential black empowerment dramas in the industry – the Fox’s Empire series. But it was with hero films that he saw the opportunity to extend this black protagonism to all audiences.

“I think one of the most important things [dos filmes de herói] it is the belief that there are no limits to the scale specifically of black stories. They can be as big as any character. We learned it from Empire, we learned it from Black Panther, and we’ll see it again with Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There is no way to pretend otherwise. “

The Empire series revolutionized the relationship between darkness and power.

He says this because, for a long time throughout his career, Malcolm has been denied several projects simply for exploring the narratives of black characters. Finally, the producer feels he can exercise his artistic freedom even in the face of structural racism in Hollywood.

“After hearing for the first 15 years of my career that as a black artist I would only have to work on very small niche things, it was really empowering to see all these black filmmakers. And be one of those filmmakers involved in projects that appeal to all types of audiences without losing their resolutely black identity.

After receiving Captain America’s Shield at the end of Avengers Endgame, it looks like Anthony Mackie’s Falcon will finally have his well-deserved prominence in a plot that explores the nuances of a superhero’s noir experience.

Falcon will have to learn from the differences of the Winter Soldier

Luckily, he’ll have the Winter Soldier’s help on that journey to accept the burden of representing America’s new values, as the production’s new trailer shows.

Hawk and the Winter Soldier, the second Marvel Studios series for Disney +, opens March 19.

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