President Trump “Leaves the White House” with Confirmed Electoral Voting Results

President-elect Donald Trump, who is sure to be defeated in the U.S. presidential election, will be elected president-elect by former Vice President Joe Biden on December 14 by president-elects assigned to 50 states in the United States. For the first time after the election, he stated his intention to leave the White House. He told reporters after a telephone conversation with U.S. military personnel during Thanksgiving.

On the other hand, Mr. Trump also stated that “the election had a large-scale fraud,” and expressed his intention to fight to the end for the reversal of the election results through court battles. “It’s very difficult to admit defeat at the moment,” he said, refusing to mention whether he would be present with Mr. Biden at the presidential inauguration ceremony on January 20, next year.

Mr. Trump told reporters that he would “definitely do so” as to whether he would surrender his presidency once the results were confirmed by the electoral college. It will happen. ”

Mr. Trump reiterated allegations of “fraud” that had already been dismissed in court in previous proceedings, and “there were hundreds of thousands of votes in each state of the United States. Biden could get 80 million votes. There is no reason. ” The specific basis of the allegation was not disclosed.

In the presidential election vote, a total of 538 presidential electors assigned to 50 states in the United States and the capital Washington will vote for the candidates who have won in each state in principle, and the winner of the candidate who won the majority will be confirmed. Electoral votes will be counted at a joint session of the Senate and Senate on January 6, next year.

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