Powers, history and curiosities about the villainous Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z is full of remarkable and unforgettable villains, whether it’s for their looks, their personality or their level of power. However, not all of them need absurdly powerful or stylish to make their mark, as is the case with the sorcerer Babidi, one of the main antagonists in the Majin Buu arc.

Artistic, cruel and cowardly, Babibi did a great job for the Z Warriors in their ambition to revive Majin Buu and rule the world as Emperor. In this article, you will remember the character’s trajectory, his bitter end, and his demonic powers. Be ready!

Assistant Bibidi

Babidi first appeared during the Buu arc, the last of Dragon Ball Z, as a space wizard. In reality, he is a copy of an even more powerful being, the sorcerer Bibidi, who with his mystical powers terrified many planets millions of years ago. Contrary to what many may think, he did not create Majin Buu, he simply summoned and enslaved him, becoming one of the most destructive forces in the universe.

Deciding that his next target would be planet Earth, he captures Majin Buu in a sphere of power and heads to our planet, encountered by Kaioshin, who kills him before he can free Buu and destroy everything and everyone. When this happens, his power is transferred to one of his copies, Babidi, who decides to continue the legacy of his “father” and to awaken Majin Buu in this world.

The sorcerer Bibidi: it was he who freed Majin Buu for the first time, in addition to creating the existence of Babidi

Life and work

In Dragon Ball Z, Babidi travels to Earth in his ship accompanied by his minions, in order to gather enough energy to revive Majin Buu. For this, he takes advantage of the 25th Martial Arts Tournament, in which Goku, Vegeta and the other characters will compete to test their strength against each other.

To gather energy and test the waters, Babidi sends two subordinates, Yan and Spopovich, to participate in the tournament, but faced with his inability to provide more combat energy, he kills them personally. Soon after, he uses another of his warriors, the Demon King Dabura, to provoke Goku and the others to come to his ship and fight his men, after Piccolo and Krillin are turned to stone by him. The heroes fall directly into the trap, indirectly helping Babidi to carry out her plan against Pui Pui, Yakom and Dabura.

Babidi comes to Earth to harvest the energy of mighty warriors, to revive Majin Buu

With the promise of more power, Vegeta ends up submitting to Babidi’s spell, his strength increased and earning the wizard’s mark on his forehead, transforming into Majin Vegeta to take on Goku in unlimited combat. The energy released by the two is more than enough to revive Majin Buu, and with him by his side, he proceeds to destroy entire cities, killing millions along the way.

Despite accomplishing his primary goal and pursuing the will of his original “I”, Babidi’s arrogance turns out to be his downfall: Thinking he could control Majin Buu as he pleased, he sent and disowned the mean, still cursing and criticizing him. Tired of his misdeeds, Buu does what all viewers of the anime wanted to do: explode Babidi’s head with a punch, killing the wizard for good.

Death of Babidi: tired of the magician’s orders, Majin Buu takes his life without mercy

Powers and capacities

Although in reality he is nothing more than a great coward, Babidi does have his powers there and should not be underestimated. His physical constitution is pathetic, but his magical abilities make up for his small size and parched body. He is able to build magical barriers strong enough to partially block Majin Buu’s energy attacks, in addition to shooting Ki energy rays and exerting strong mind control through his magic.

Among his other powers are teleportation, telepathy, and an explosion spell, which he used in the anime to kill Spopovich. Babidi has also mastered the sealing spell created by Bibidi so that he can stop Buu again if necessary, which he never manages to do, despite constant threats.

Even with all this magical arsenal, Babidi’s attack power is minimal, as we could see in his fight against Piccolo. The Namekuseijin warrior easily defeats him, breaking his barrier and splitting him in half with one blow.

The sorcerer Babidi uses his powers: although weak on the offensive, his mind control and magic should not be underestimated

Life after death

Even dead, Babidi continued to appear in Dragon Ball Z. During the fight between Goku and Kid Buu, the wizard is seen in Hell along with Freeza, Cell, and members of the special forces Ginyu, who accompanied the fight between the two. He approaches the other villains with advantage and lied about teaching Buu everything he knew, earning praise from his fellow villains. All lies, of course, Babidi’s specialty.

Behind the strong pose he just pretended to support Buu and actually secretly clapped for Goku, after all he had been betrayed and killed by the one he freed so strong. When Goku finally wins the fight, he celebrates at the top of his lungs, saying he finally understands what true happiness is.

Babidi and Dabura end up being killed by Majin Buu

Babidi also appears briefly in Dragon Ball GT during the Super 17 Android Saga, as one of the souls trapped in Hell who managed to escape. Already in Dragon Ball Super very briefly, appearing in the world of Trunks of the future with the same goal: to wake up Majin Buu. There, he and Dabura are defeated by the boy before they manage to do so.

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