Power Rangers: Dino Fury – New Season Gets Official Trailer

Power Rangers’ upcoming season Dino Fury just won an official trailer showing colorful heroes in action. This is Power Rangers’ 28th season and Hasbro’s first 100% season.

In the plot, the warrior Zayto, the red ranger of the planet Rakfon, was imprisoned on Earth even during the time of the dinosaurs after opposing a clan of intergalactic invaders. Millions of years later, Zayto awakens and begins looking for a team of new heroes to fight alongside this army of powerful alien beings.

Check out the first trailer:

With the launch of Dino Fury, slated for February 20, Power Rangers will once again have dinosaurs as its theme. The cast of the series consists of Russel Curry as Zayto (Red Ranger), Kai Moya as Ollie (Blue Ranger), Hunter Deno as Amelia (Pink Ranger), Tessa Rao as Izzy (Green Ranger) and Chance Perez as Javier (Black Tidy). )).

Power Rangers Dino Fury will have 44 episodes and will air on Nickeloden.

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