PlayStation 5 exclusive game development completed

Another game is set to enter the exclusive library of PlayStation 5 exclusives. Studio Housemarque confirmed on Friday (26) that development for the highly anticipated psychological horror game Returnal has been completed.

Ready for launch

The news was released by the studio itself in a message thanking fans for their care and the efforts of everyone involved in the project, which had to reinvent itself due to the covid-19 pandemic. Check:

“Returnal finally went to GOLD !!! A big thank you to all (the members) of the Housemarque teams, PlayStation Studios and the other groups involved. We can’t wait to launch Returnal soon and let all players experience the planet of Atropos! “

The game is one of Sony’s big bets for this first period of PlayStation 5 and won over audiences when the first trailer showing its gameplay was released during the last State of Play, an event that reveals the news of the larger versions of Sony consoles.

Explore Atropos in Portuguese

The mix of genres promises to delight with new generation graphics.

Taking advantage of the fact that Returnal is ready to ship for physical media production and digital distribution, PlayStation has decided to confirm full localization in Brazilian Portuguese. The texts and the dubbing will be fully adapted to the Brazilian audience.

Combining the surprise factor of roguelikes with a gripping thriller, the game will tell the story of Selene – an astronaut who finds herself trapped in a cycle of life and death upon stumbling upon a mysterious alien planet.

Experience Returnal’s puzzles when the game arrives exclusively for PlayStation 5 on April 30.

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