Peter Parker’s interpreter talks about character’s face change on PS5

With the arrival of next-gen consoles, some games released for PlayStation 4 have received updates for the PS5, which was the case with Marvel’s Spider-Man. Ahead of the release of the remastered version of Sony’s new console, Insomniac Games, the developer responsible for the game, announced that it would be making changes to the face of Peter Parker, which was widely criticized by the public.

At the time, actor Yuri Lowenthal, the character’s performer in the game, didn’t comment much on the subject, but in a recent interview he spoke more about the change, what he knew and what public reaction.

According to Insomniac, the change was necessary to make improvements over motion capture and to make the model work better with Yuri Lowenthal’s voice. Still, audiences have criticized Peter’s new face during the games, with many accusing the gesture of trying to make the character’s face look like Marvel’s Tom Holland, Peter Parker in theaters.

In addition to stating that he was aware of the change before it happened, Lowenthal commented on the audience reaction (ComicBookMovie):

“I knew this was going to happen and I agreed with the reasons Insomniac was doing this. I know that for people, when they fall in love with something, changing something about it is very difficult … and it’s understandable! Many will still like the original more, but I think the reasons were valid, and in the future it will be better for the game. ”

Comparison of Peter Parker’s face in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 (left) and in the remastered version on PS5, produced by IGN.

The actor also said he understood fans’ resistance to the change, but said the decision had valid reasons:

“I understand it’s especially difficult when you form an emotional bond. Playing a game is playing a game, and you get used to things, but the story and the characters in that game, we all come to love them. When you form that emotional connection and that thing changes, it’s hard. Hopefully in the end people will understand that this was done for the good of the game and understand that it is for the good of the franchise. We will get used to it!

While the initial public reaction was largely against the change, since the release of Spider-Man: Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, complaints have subsided. It may be that, seeing the result of the change in the games, the audience has come to agree with Yuri Lowenthal’s opinion that this is an improvement for the game, or that the actor was right to say that in the end everyone would be used to it. to him.

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