Paul Bettany confirms the arrival of a super secret character

WandaVision turned out to be a real box of surprises. Every week we have a bombshell reveal, and with just three episodes to go, it looks like there’s at least one more gigantic novelty on the horizon. According to Paul Bettany, the interpreter of Visão, there is a super secret character who has not yet been revealed.

This is not the first interview that the actor piques our curiosity. Bettany showed signs of a significant turnout even before the series premiere.

Paul Bettany in a promotional poster for WandaVision.

He made it very clear that WandaVision was the opportunity to work with an actor he always admired and who left a lot of people speculating who would be the lucky one. In a new interview with Esquire, Bettany returned to comment on the enigmatic actor.

“There is a theory that says a mysterious Avenger will appear on WandaVision, and it seems people think it will be the strange other. The truth is, of all the characters we tried to hide, most ended up running away. But there is one character that hasn’t been revealed anywhere that is very exciting, because he’s an actor I’ve wanted to work with all my life.

He ended up blurting out that Vision will interact with this character in some scenes, so he may not be talking about the mysterious astrophysical engineer Monica Rambeau plans to meet.

“We have some amazing scenes together and the chemistry between us, in my opinion, is amazing. They looked like fireworks on the set. So I’m really happy that the crowd sees it. “

Fans speculate on Mr. Fantastic’s participation

Who will this new character be surrounded by secrets? Is it finally Mephisto or will we finally have Reed Richards’ debut in the MCU? Be sure to comment!

New episodes of WandaVision arrive at Disney + every Friday. The series’ grand finale will take place on March 5.

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