Original director gears up to reboot the franchise

Little Big Heroes opened Netflix’s year with huge success, revisiting the heroes of the classics Sharkboy and Lavagirl. It looks like the talent of director Robert Rodriguez has caught the attention of Hollywood and Little Spies, his first big hit for children, will also return to the limelight (via CB).

The information comes from the Deadline portal, which indicates that Skydance Media has signed a partnership with Spyglass Media Group, owner of the original rights, to relaunch the franchise targeting a new generation of children.

The production would be directed by Robert Rodriguez himself, the director responsible for the original films. The story will accompany a multicultural family of spies, evolving the ethnic portrayal present in the original trilogy.

Robert Rodriguez also recently directed an episode of The Mandalorian.

It’s not yet possible to know if the new movie will be a full reboot, featuring only new characters, or if we’ll see the classic characters in any way. This more nostalgic approach has been popular with Hollywood studios and is often well received by fans.

For the moment, the filming of the project is still far away. Especially since Robert Rodriguez is focused on co-producing Boba Fett’s book – the new Star Wars series which debuts on Disney + in December of this year.

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