Open questions the new animated film can answer

Completed over a decade ago, Avatar: The Legend of Aang has left a huge impact on pop culture, immortalizing the minds of millions of fans who wish to return to this fantastic universe of masters and spirits. Now all of this can come true, since Nickelodeon has created a specific branch to deal with movies, series and animation in the Avatar universe.

As far as we know, an animated film is already in the planning that should continue the plot of The Legend of Aang, possibly giving some clues as to what may follow in the franchise. Thinking about it, we recall 10 questions that were left open that the Avatar animated film can answer!

For this list, however, we’re only considering storylines that were resolved in the animations, be it The Legend of Aang or The Legend of Korra. There were several comics and books that dealt with some of the issues featured here, but since they’re products little known to the vast majority of fans, we’ll cover some points that are covered in their storylines throughout the list.

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