One Piece is set to hit Harry Potter revenue

It’s not news to anyone that One Piece is one of the most successful manga of all time. The adventures of Luffy D. Monkey, genius Eiichiro Oda, continue to sell very well even a decade after his debut. If it continues at this rate, the author will very soon be among the bestsellers in history (via CB).

The author recently managed to hit his coveted goal of 1,000 One Piece editions released, which has further heated sales of the manga. To help, the current arc which shows an incredible game against Kaido and Big Mom has brought a lot of visibility to the story.

For the moment, the series has managed to reach the mark of 480 million editions sold. The forecast is that sales will improve even more as the story nears its intended end.

A great pirate war stimulates manga sales.

Therefore, it shouldn’t take long for Eiichiro to surpass 500 million in sales – a number needed to be among the top 10 best-selling authors in the world.

This number could put One Piece ahead of incredibly influential works like JK Rowling’s Harry Potter saga. However, it is important to note that the Harry Potter sales figures have not been updated in this ranking since 2018. Even with the many controversies involving the author in recent times, the series continues to be l one of the most sold in the world.

Yet Eiichiro Oda has already managed to surpass the big names in Western literature, such as George RR Martin, John RR Tolkien and Stephen King. Will JK Rowling really be One Piece’s next victim? Be sure to comment!

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