One Piece finally introduces Oden Kozuki to the anime

The Straw Hat Pirates are full of striking characters, but even among them there are true legendary pirates. One Piece created suspense throughout Wano Country Arch about pirate Oden Kozuki, but in Episode 960 (via CB) he was finally introduced to the anime in all its glory.

Oden has appeared several times in the anime. Until then, we had only seen her figure, but that has changed thanks to a big flashback arc that should extend over the next episodes.

The appearance had already been indicated at the opening of the anime.

The anime will take the opportunity to fully explore Oden, especially since the character has a direct connection to characters that are important to understanding One Piece’s past.

In the flashbacks, we’ll learn about some of his adventures while trying to escape the Wano border. In addition to failing several times, he became known as a child for wreaking havoc across the country.

He even knocked out a bear with a stone when he was younger and flooded a village trying to bring water to his people. Check out an excerpt from his appearance:

In the last episode, he is seen heating his food over the sacred fire of a cremation ceremony. Very disrespectful, but nothing justifies his fame as a warrior.

What would he have done to earn the loyalty of all Akazaya Nine members? We just have to wait to find out.

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