Nubia debuts at Wonder Woman HQ event

Warning: spoiler alert!

Wonder Woman was a prominent character during this year’s DC event, Future State. At the event, audiences were introduced to a universe quite different from the standard DC Comics, bringing in new characters donning the dresses of the publisher’s great heroes. In the case of Wonder Woman, although Diana Prince remains an important character, other characters have adopted the moniker as well, as is the case with Nubia.

In a complementary story to Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman # 1, we find Nubian decades in the future (ComicBook). In the plot, the character chose to stay in the male world instead of returning to Témiscira. The choice of character is not for nothing: she makes this decision to make up for the Amazons’ lack of action after the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal.

Based on this, the story shows Nubia pursuing Darkseid’s daughter, Chalice, who intends to steal important artifacts from an Atlanta museum. It is during the conflict between the two that Nubia confirms to be Wonder Woman, even using the Lasso of Truth against Chalice.

Nubia and Chalice face off in Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman # 1

In the middle of the fight, Núbia ends up touching one of the artifacts Chalice was trying to steal, causing the character to have visions of supernatural scenes. Because of this, she lashes out at Aunt Nancy, who has been her guardian for years, mainly helping her in Nubia’s interactions with mortals.

It is then explained that the artifact touched by Nubia is called Master Key, and that it was created by the Amazons, in order to prevent the gods from acquiring too much power. The artifact, however, gained a power they hadn’t intended to have, being able to open portals across time and space. The story ends when the heroine is brought through one of these portals.

The volume establishes Núbia as Wonder Woman at the same time as it brings a character with her own story and personality, which sets her apart from Diana. While not as recurring a character as DC’s main Wonder Woman, Núbia had appeared in other Amazon stories before, winning a legion of fans. It’s possible that in Future State, the character will be given a bigger role than in his previous appearances.

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