Nintendo Switch Gets Monster Hunter Rise Inspired Orders

Released on March 26, Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games of 2021, in addition to being the sixth game in the franchise. And to celebrate this more than special launch, Nintendo itself is launching variations of the console and pro control in honor of the game!

As you can see below, these new releases feature models and figures specific to the Monster Hunter franchise. In one of them we even have a Magnamalo full of golden details. Unfortunately, these console versions have only been announced for Japan, which means there is still no preview or confirmation of launch in other countries.

Check it out below:

In addition to the two full consoles seen above, we also have the special version of the Switch pro control, which also carries the same image of the Magnamalo in gold details.

Check it out below:

These consoles are already sold in Japan, but there are still no plans to launch these versions in other countries. Considering the popularity of Monster Hunter around the world – notably in the United States, where a film adaptation of the saga has just been released – it would not be surprising if the products are released soon in the West.

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