Nightwing discovers Alfred’s fantastic secret in the comics

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Dick Grayson’s life hasn’t been easy in the comics. He has spent years not knowing his true identity, but it looks like his fate is about to change with Alfred Pennyworth’s dark secret revelation in Nightwing # 78 (via CB).

In the last chapters of Nightwing …

In Batman # 55, released in 2018, Dick Grayson attempted to cheer Bruce Wayne up after being left at the altar by Selina Kyle. He even agreed to return to play the role of Nightwing alongside the Batman. But during a meeting with Commissioner Gordon, Dick was hit in the head by sniper fire – courtesy of the villainous KGBesta.

The shot was not fatal, but he lost all memory of who he was. For a long time, he estranged himself from the Bat family and lived as the punisher Ric Grayson. It was only after the Joker War, very recently, that Dick regained his memory. Now he must rearrange his life while taking back the Nightwing mantle.

Dick loses his memories after a serious injury.

The Sad End of Alfred Pennyworth

In DC Comics’ new phase, Infinite Frontier, the hero is finally almost ready to move on. But Dick is still devastated by the death of a dear person who helped raise him – Butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Alfred died in Batman # 77, in an attack designed by Bane, but with so much going on in Gotham, his will was never opened. Until there! In Nightwing # 78, Barbara Gordon arrives with news that could change the way we see Alfred forever.

Alfred is a fatal victim of Bane City.

The butler’s heir

It turns out Barbara is legally responsible for making sure Alfred’s last wishes are granted and it appears he’s left all of his assets to Dick. That wouldn’t be a big deal considering Alfred was just a butler, but what if I told you that all this time he was a big billionaire?

That is true! Alfred took care of Dick as a child, not out of obligation or necessity, but out of genuine affection for the boy. When Alfred became Bruce Wayne’s legal guardian, he gained shares in Wayne Industries.

As he did not spend his money and invested his investments very well, Alfred’s fortune came to rival that of Bruce. And now it’s all in Dick Grayson’s account!

Dick cries when he finds out that Alfred considers him a son.

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