Niantic wins case against group of hackers

In 2019, Pokémon Go developer Niantic filed a lawsuit against a hacker group called Global ++, which released modified versions of three corporate games: Pokémon GO, Ingress, and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. These versions used the original code from the games, but contained changes that allowed players to do things that the originals did not allow, such as changing the location on the GPS.

The conclusion of this process came with an agreement between the two parties, determining that Global ++ should pay Niantic $ 5 million, in addition to making unavailable the versions of the games that the hackers had released, called PokeGo ++, Ingress +. + and Potter ++. According to the ComicBook website, the agreement states that Global ++ games used “a considerable portion of copyrighted Niantic code, without permission from Niantic.” In addition, the hacker group had to admit to violating copyright as well as federal laws.

The agreement further states that “all fraudulent programs allow Global ++ defendants and their customers to take unauthorized actions while playing Niantic games, and allow Global ++ defendants to reject valuable map data. which belong to Niantic ”. Niantic also accused the programs of damaging its products, pushing consumers away from the three games.

One of the most recent Pokémon Go updates has increased the number of Pokémon and the locations where they appear

Although some people may have taken advantage of the elements added to the pirated versions of the games, these elements defeat the purpose of these games and harm the public trying to play them properly. Additionally, Niantic has released several updates to make Pokémon Go more accessible during the pandemic, as one of the main recommendations for preventing Covid-19 is to stay home.

It doesn’t seem surprising that Niantic won the lawsuit because its copyright was infringed. What did you think of the result? Be sure to comment!

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