Over the past year China has become a market of great focus for a host of MMA promotions across the region and around the world.

The likes of World Series of Fighting, ROAD FC, Kunlun and ONE Championship are making big investments in live events and strategic partnerships.

After stumbling to get a foothold in the China market, the UFC has struck a new deal to reach a larger Chinese audience through a wide-ranging content partnership.

UFC and Sina Sports, one of China’s larger online sports providers, have reached a long-term agreement to live stream UFC events in mainland China and create a series of original content packages.

SINA Sports will also re-launch the UFC China website, www.ufc.cn, as part of the partnership.

UFC events are broadcast live in 150 different countries and territories. As a result of the partnership,SINA Sports will secure live broadcasting rights for UFC events that feature Chinese fighters.

Other highlights and features from UFC events around the world will be made available via video-on-demand on ufc.cn. The new website will also include new features and expanded content that will give fans a deeper more engaging experience, including videos, exclusive pictures, columns, fighter profiles, fan interaction forums, and more. For the first time, ufc.cn will also be optimized for mobile as m.ufc.cn.

SINA has plans to co-produce unique UFC content exclusively produced for the Chinese market, including educational and training videos. Furthermore, UFC will exchange content to be “live-tweeted” on SINA Weibo, China’s twitter-like platform, during UFC bouts. Both parties have agreed to work together to provide more diverse reporting and around UFC events, and plan to co-organize offline events in China, to increase UFC’s influence in the Chinese market.

“China’s domestic sports industry is clearly booming,” said Kenneth Berger, UFC Executive Vice President and General Manager.

“We felt that SINA Sports was a great fit for the UFC brand and would contribute greatly to our effort to expand our content and coverage to the large and loyal fan base across mainland China.”