With UFC Fight Night Manila II less than a month away, a newly launched fitness group has jumped on the UFC’s momentum and announced a plan to open 30 UFC Gym’s across the country.

The exclusive 10-year partnership with the Fitspiration Philippines will run for 10 years with the first UFC GYM is scheduled to open in early 2017 in Makati City.

Mark Dayrit, who launched the Gold’s Gym franchise in the Philippines, will be president the new Fitspiration Philippines and was optimistic for its future.

“In almost two decades of bringing major players in the fitness industry to the country, I know a winner when I see it and make no mistake, UFC Gym is a winner,” Dayrit said.

“A strong international brand built from the ground up, coupled with a unique, and perhaps more importantly, family-friendly lineup of MMA-inspired programs will undoubtedly breathe new life to the fitness industry here in the Philippines.”

Kenneth Berger, UFC executive vice president and general manager Asia, added the Philippines was an ideal place to launch the UFC Gym brand.

“Asia is one of the UFC’s fastest growing markets and fight fans in the Philippines are some of the most passionate around the world. We are excited to be leading the way, making MMA more accessible for Filipino fans to train and increase their fitness through the sport.”

Since opening in 2009, UFC GYM has expanded to more than 135 locations across the United States, Australia, Canada, South America and the United Arab Emirates.