The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has announced a Thai Mixed Martial Arts Federation (TMMAF) has been created in affiliation with IMMAF.

An interim working committee has been established to form a non-profit organisation by Kingdom Co, the Thailand-based promotional company behind Full Metal Dojo.

The interim board was initially appointed internally from among stakeholders who have been instrumental in the development of MMA in Thailand.

Once the federation has been established, the TMMAF commits to holding its first general assembly within two years, at which new board representatives will be elected by its membership of clubs, gyms and associations.

The interim Board of Directors for the TMMAF includes Niti Techottiasnee, who will act as president, while Jon Nutt, CEO of Full Metal Dojo, has been named acting vice-president.

Other members of the founding committee include respected referee Oliver Coste, fitness consultant Mark Abbott, BJJ instructor Morgan Perkins, along with Shannon Cai who trains out of Burnshell Team.

The goals of the TMMAF include the development of best practice and sport regulation, including the sanctioning of professional and amateur MMA events.

A number of subcommittees will also be formed in the areas of arbitration, regulatory affairs, coaching and medical which will be headed by Oliver Coste.

The TMMAF plans also plans to hold its first amateur MMA competition in Thailand this year.

“We at Full Metal Dojo are very excited that Thailand is now a member of the IMMAF family,” said Jon Nutt.

“Being able to represent Thailand at IMMAF championship events is a great prize for the competitors of our amateur show ‘Made in Thailand’ premiering later this year.”

IMMAF president Kerrith Brown added that Thailand boasts a rich combat sports history and the IMMAF was excited to embrace the Thai Mixed Martial Arts Federation as a member.

“The establishment of the TMMAF has grown out of committed work by the IMMAF administration team and we are fortunate to have earned the support of key players in Thai MMA. We look forward to welcoming the first Thai team to showcase its skills on the IMMAF championships platform next year.”