Continuing a run of recent signings, ROAD FC has signed “Ryo” Choi Young, of one of Korea’s early pioneers of mixed martial artists and current DEEP middleweight champion.

After almost 10 years away from Korea, he is expected to make his promotional debut on 14 May at ROAD FC 31 in Seoul.

Choi Young (18-10-3) is a third generation ethnic Korean who was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. He first fought MMA in Japan in 2000, but his career kicked off in Korea in Spirit MC. In 2004, he faced “Stun Gun” Kim Dong-Hyun in Spirit MC’s first Interleague tournament winning by unanimous decision.

At the point of Spirit MC’s closure, Choi fought in K-1’s HERO’S and returned to Japan where he became a staple of DEEP. Along the way, Choi fought the top in the middleweight division, including Lim Jae-Seok, Ryuta Sakurai, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Tatsuya Mizuno, and Yoshiyuki Nakanishi.

In 2015, Choi contested Nakanishi again, this time for the DEEP Middleweight title. He revenged an earlier split decision loss to Nakanishi, and walked away with the title on the better end of another hotly contested split decision.

Choi is scheduled make his ROAD debut on 14 May in Seoul.