ROAD FC 28 will go down tomorrow (31 January) at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea. The weigh ins for the event, with Main Event being Riki Fukuda’s Middleweight Championship defense against Cha Jung-Hwan, were held at the Grand Hilton Seoul.

All fighters on both the main card and Young Guns 26 preliminary card made weight, will all eleven fights ready to go.

In the middleweight championship bout between highly experienced fighters, champion Riki Fukuda and challenger Cha Jung-Hwan kept their professional demeanor.

“I’m very happy to be back in Seoul for this bout,” Fukuda stated.

“I don’t have any second thoughts, I’m enthusiastically going after the KO. As an MMA fighter, I really want to impress the fans with my best fight.”

Cha Jung-Hwan said he had been focusing his training around wresting and the clinch.

“A lot of Korean fighters are weak in this area. I’ve been focusing my training on wrestling and the clinch so I can meet his game and make it a fun match.”

ROAD FC YOUNG GUNS: 26 Official Weigh-In Results

65.5kg Featherweight Match
Ha Tae-Woon : 65.85kg (Pass)
Yan Bo : 65.95kg (Pass)

70kg Lightweight Match
Park Chan-Sol : 70.45kg (Pass)
Lu Kai : 69.9kg (Pass)

84kg Middleweight Match
Choi In-Yong : 84.45kg (Pass)
Choi Won-Jun : 83.8kg (Pass)

61.5 Bantamweight Match
Seo Jin-Soo : 61.8kg (Pass)
Yun Ho-Young : 61.8kg (Pass)

57kg Flyweight Match
Park Yo-Seob : 57.4kg (1st – over, 2nd Pass)
Park Su-Wan : 57.25kg (Pass)

61.5 Bantamweight Match
Kim Yong-Geun : 61.8kg (Pass)
Lee Yoon-Jin : 61.85kg (Pass)