UFC and Reebok have unveiled UFC Fight Kit, the official uniform all UFC fighters will wear as part of the company’s apparel deal with the sporting giant.

The kit will debut for the first time in the Octagon at UFC 189 on July 11, where it was today revealed that featherweight champion Jose Aldo has withdrawn due to an injured rib.

The clothing will feature country specific colors along side athlete’s name, which featured a few initial hiccups, like UFC lightweight contender Gilbert Melendez, who’s name was spelt as “Giblert”.

Other errors include a lack of accents on fighter’s names.

Despite these minor setbacks, both UFC and Reebok are hailing the launch as a landmark moment for the sport.

“Today is a historic moment for UFC, our athletes, Reebok and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts,” UFC president Dana White said.

“Not only does it elevate the look of the sport – it revolutionizes the way they train, compete and perform.”

Matt O’Toole, Reebok’s president, added that UFC athletes represent some of the toughest and most dedicated humans in the world.

“Reebok is proud to develop the first-ever dedicated kit to support and enable their greatness in the Octagon,” he said.

In terms of functionality, the gear has been created for speed and flexibility, with multi-directional stretch fabric and laser cut side vents for functional mobility.

The UFC Fight Kit has three variations: Champion Kit – featuring black and grey colors with iconic gold trim, worn only by current champions, Country Kit – with country specific colors and badging, and Universal Kit – using black and silver with a global badge, available to all athletes on the roster.

UFC Fight Kits will include the official UFC walkout jersey, variations of the Octagon shorts, the Octagon skort, the walkout hoodie and assorted performance tops for women.

Beyond the Octagon, Reebok also launches its Reebok Combat collection today. Providing high performance apparel for people who fight for a living and those who want to train like a fighter.

The UFC Fight Kit will be for pre-sale on at UFC and Reebok websites as of today.