ROAD Fighting Championship will hold its 30 bout in Beijing tomorrow night with an open weight tournament between heavyweights Aorigele vs Choi Hong-Man to headline the card.

Taking place at the Beijing Workers Stadium in Beijing, today’s weigh-in saw Aorigele step on the scale at 150.9kg, while Choi Hong-Man crushed the scales at 157.2kg.

The two were slightly more subdued than their recent press conference, which resulted in tables being turned and both fighters teams left in a tense stand-off.

Asked about his aggressive behavior towards Aorigele in the press conferences, last week with Choi Hong-Man said he would not apologise to opponent who he described as rude.

ROAD30 Mo vs Myung

Also on the card is another open weight match-up between Myung Hyun-Man (118.8kg) and Mighty Mo (127.8kg).

China’s top female fighter Yan Xiaonan comes fresh off her wedding vows to face Korean sanda star Lim So-Hee. Aggressive Alatengheili will take on Japan’s Sasaki Fumiya. Entertaining He Nannan is back against surging Russian Alexey Polpudnikov.

ROAD30 Yan vs Lim

Albert Cheng, UFC TUF China veteran, will take on Japan’s Ishihara Yuki. Sanda standout Yang Junkai will face boxing and Thai boxing champion Oh Du-Suk in his first MMA match. It’s China versus Korea for the opening matches as Zheng Xiaoliang faces Jang Ik-Hwan and Shang Lianru faces Kim Se-Yeong to start their climbs in their respective divisions.


Part 2
65.85kg Bantamweight Match
He Nannan 65.85kg (Pass)
Alexey Polpudnikov 65.8kg (Pass)

61.5kg Bantamweight Match
Alatengheili 61.75kg (Pass)
Sasaki Fumiya 60.65 (Pass)

Openweight Tournament Semifinal B
Myung Hyun-Man 118.8kg
Mighty Mo 127.8kg

Women’s -52 kg Strawweight Match
Yan Xiaonan 52.5kg (Pass)
Lim So-Hee 51.85kg (Pass)

Openweight Tournament Semifinal A
Aorigele 150.9kg
Choi Hong-Man 157.2kg

Part 1

1st -65.5kg Featherweight Match
Shang Lianru 65.35kg (Pass)
Kim Se-Yeong 65.9kg (Pass)

2nd -61.5kg Bantamweight Match
Zheng Xiaoliang 61.6kg (Pass)
Jang Ik-Hwan 61.95kg (Pass)

3rd -65.5kg Featherweight Match
Yang Junkai 65.35kg (Pass)
Oh Du-Suk 65.9kg (Pass)

4rd -70kg Lightweight Match
Albert Cheng 70.4kg (Pass)
Yuki Ishihara 70.45kg (Pass)