The Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts Season 4 Grand Finals returns to Stadium Negara and is set to house an night as all the fighters have successfully made weight.

After almost a year long search, the journey towards the fiery blaze of glory is almost over and Malaysia is now ready for the inferno that will ensue tonight (8 October).

A total of 18 fighters from nine respective categories will now battle it out for a taste of glory and amateur MMA’s ultimate gold in this region.

In addition to this, two more feature fights have been included to intensify the action for the night.

Here’s the final card and weigh-in details:

Feature Fights
Malaysia VS Indonesia
Hafizul Hakeem (70.5kg) vs Riko Chen (69.3kg)

MIMMA Veteran VS New Blood
Vinod Dave Greywal (77.1kg) vs Aaron Tan (76kg)

MIMMA Championship Bouts
Seah Zhang Yu (Champion) (55.8kg) vs Eddey Kalai (55.6kg)

Damon Soo (61.1kg) vs Effendey Kalai (60.6kg)

Chean Wen Khyn (65.7kg) vs Joseph Yap (65.5kg)

Jace Law (Champion) (69.9kg) vs Hui Keng Fai (69.9kg)

Gino Tan (Champion) (75.4kg) vs Theebaan Govindasamy (75.3kg)

Meeraj Omar (Champion) (83.3kg) vs Bryant Tan (83.2kg)

Darren Low (Champion) (112.5kg) vs Tsan Nieng Khai (113.8kg)

Joanna Yap (Champion) (55.1kg) vs Hayatun Najihin (56.6kg)

Foreign Pride
Shaqueme Rock (69.1) kg vs Nazri Sutari (70kg)