As far as legitimate MMA fights go, the headline bout of E-1 World Championship in Hong Kong seemed more like a made-for-TV type affair.

Two popular Hong Kong celebrities Margie Kwok and Charlene Houghton were headlining a card alongside heavy hitters Marcelo Tenorio, Ederson Macedo, Hong Kong’s Ming Tang and Xtreme Muaythai World Champion Jeferson Oliveira.

But in the end, it was Kwok and Houghton who emerged as the surprise stars of an impressive debut card for organiser Fight Factory (FFG).

From the opening bell, Houghton pushed forward, landing some big blows on her much taller opponent, at times sending her to the canvass. Three times Houghton stuffed the vision of her opponent, with the referee calling time as a precautionary measure.

The back and fourth saw Kwok respond with well-timed kicks, using her length to keep Houghton for pressing forward.

But after three rounds, Kwok emerged as the surprise winner, taking the inaugural G-1 Championship belt.

In other matches for the E-1 E-1 World Championship, held as part of the Formula E taking place in Hong Kong this weekend, Marcelo Tenorio and Ederson Macedo stepped into the cage for one of the two MMA fights of the evening.

Tenorio, who last fought on the Full Metal Dojo 37th Chamber card, exploded from the opening bell, landing a few hard blows which at first looked to shake “Lion” Macedo. The fight soon went to the ground where Macedo secured a deep arm bar forcing Tenorio to tap at 2 minutes into the first round.