ROAD Fighting Championship will add an all-female league called “ROAD FC XX” to ROAD FC 37 card on 11 March, 2017 at the Grand Hilton Convention Center in Seoul, South Korea.

ROAD FC XX (pronounced “double x”) is the official name for the league that will now showcase all-female fight cards on ROAD FC events. ROAD FC XX celebrates the rise in popularity in women’s MMA, as well as the increasing number of talented female fighters in South Korea and abroad.

Among the fighters in ROAD FC XX are “Schoolgirl Fighter” Lee Ye-Ji, “Wushu Queen” Lim Seo-Hee, “Little Wolf” Park Jeong-Eun, “Cage Vixen” Hong Yoon-Ha and national Muay Thai champion Shim Yoo-Ree.


ROAD FC director Kwon Young-Bok said the promotion has consistently worked to enable female fighters opportunities.

“ROAD FC XX was launched to create a larger platform for them. This league will both develop and showcase the hardworking, talented and exciting women in Mixed Martial Arts.”