Full Metal Dojo was founded in Thailand by American expat Jon Nutt and partners and the promotion will be returning to its roots for a card in Bangkok on 9 May that is set to consist primarily of Thai fighters.

FMD 5: ‘Made in Thailand’ is set for the Live House in Chatuchak Park and the show will feature four man amateur tournaments at 135 lbs and 145 lbs. The semi finals and finals will take place in the space of a single evening and the competitions are exclusively for local fighters.

According to FMD’s charismatic promoter Nutt this format has been introduced to try and help find the top prospects in Thailand,

“We want to grow the Thai grass roots and make the Thai MMA scene stronger than an oak tree. We at FMD really like what Jason Lo and the Malaysians to the South are doing with their mateur scene, and believe it is the right direction to go for making future Champions in the sport, especially Internationally,” he said.

Nutt has been based in Thailand for nearly a decade and he feels that the country’s well established Muay Thai scene should prove a fertile breeding ground for future MMA stars.

“Muay Thai is one of the better striking arts for the sport and it just happens to be Thailand’s national sport. I believe we could have Thais competing at the highest levels of MMA and on the biggest stages like ONE and the UFC in just a few years.”

FMD 5 will be the third event in a row that the promotion has held in Bangkok after doing two early shows in Phuket. The only fight to be confirmed so far is a heavyweight bout between Nutt himself and fellow American Dana Blouin who is better known as an MMA referee.

While the match which pits promoter against referee has drawn a few eyebrows both men do have relevant experience with Blouin boasting a 2-1 record and Nutt currently at 0-1, although he beaten some high level opponents in the Muay Thai ring.

FMD 5 matchmakers also confirmed exclusively to ROUGH that they were looking to match undefeated Thai prospect Pongsiri Mitsatit and are currently trying to find a suitable opponent for the touted teenage strawweight.

Nutt is set for a busy few weeks as he prepares for his personal return to the cage while fulfilling numerous commitments as a promoter but the American is adamant that FMD is going to put Thailand on the international MMA map,

“I plan on making Thai Fighters famous on an international level, while at the same time encouraging any fan of MMA, and all combat sports for that matter, to come to train in Thailand. There is no better place on earth to be a fighter.”

Check out FMD site for more information about FMD 5: ‘Made in Thailand’.