Full Metal Dojo will hold its final show at Insanity Nightclub this Saturday with a nine-card fight headlined by former UFC vets Tommy Hayden and Will Chope.

FMD 13 “Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of” will see Hayden (9-3) and Chope (33-12) go head-to-head for the FMD lightweight Samurai Sword – FMD’s equivalent of a MMA title belt.

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Since leaving the UFC, both Chope and Hayden have built solid careers in Thailand, remaining active and notching up wins under various promotions, including Full Metal Dojo.

In March this year, Hayden secured a win over Arden Escayo at FMD 9: To Live and Die in Bangkok, while Chope, arguably one of the region’s busiest fighters, secured a split decision win over Michal Vostry at FMD 8: Return of the Mack.

Also confirmed for Saturday night is Iranian fighter Ali Motamed, who will Luke Adams on very short notice after his two previously announced fights fell through.

Motamed (3-0) saw matchups with Chan Rotthana and Rocky Lee nixed, but the Tiger Muay Thai standout will still get to compete at Insanity Nightclub.

Full Fight Card: FMD 13

FMD Lightweight Championship (155lbs / 70.3kg)
Tommy “Wild Card” Hayden (9-3) vs Will “The Kill” Chope (33-12)

Featherweight 145lbs / 65.8kg
Ali Motamed (3-0) vs Luke Adams (10-8)

Featherweight 145lbs / 65.8kg
Jirawat “Joe Benzil” Iamsamang (0-1) vs Meas Meu (3-0)

Welterweight 170lbs / 77.1kg
Javier Trujillo (1-0) vs Ryan “Crazy Gweilo” Feltner (1-0)

Lightweight 155lbs / 70.3kg
Rustam Abdurakhmanov (Pro Debut, 2-1 Amateur) vs Francois Xavier Leal de la Torre (0-1)

Women’s Strawweight 115lbs / 52.2kg
Sunisa Srisan (1-0) vs Eh Yanuth (Pro Debut, 2-1 Amateur)

Flyweight 125lbs / 56.7kg
Pinai Nuisorn (0-0-1, 5-1 Amateur) vs Bondi Dayangadang (2-0)

Amateur Bantamweight 135lbs / 61.2kg
Asith Buapa (1-1 Amateur) vs Rocky Bactol (5-0 Amateur)

Amateur Flyweight 125lbs / 56.7kg
Rung Kong (4-2 Amateur) vs Poonsak “Mr Sorry” Narula (2-2 Amateur)