Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts is making big changes in its fifth year, with a revamped format that kicks off in March.

Season 5, which takes on the theme of “Water” will be fought under a league system with a new points system and a strategy that will likely keep past champions more active.

The new format will see eight weight categories and will require fighters to sign up for tryouts. The scoring system will be based on a points system of calculation throughout the season which will allow fighters to experience more fights and have a more equal chance to the championship.

A new points system will work as follows:

5 points – win by Knock – out / TKO / Submission
4 points – win by decision (unanimous)
3 points – win by decision (split)
2 points – lose by decision
1 points – lose by KO / TKO / Submission
3 points – win by walkover
0 points – lose by walkover

Fighters may choose to withdraw from certain fights / matches through their own planning, as long as they are able to retain themselves in a top position to qualify for the next round. By the end of the league, four fighters with the highest accumulated points will be selected to ascend into the semi-finals.

Past champions and contenders of MIMMA Season 4 from each category can be pre-selected to join the fight league without going through tryouts.

The tryouts for the league will last from March until May. The monthly fights will begin on 17 July with the final round scheduled for 18 January. After that it’s the semi finals on 18 February and the Grand Finale on 18 March 2018.

“In MIMMA 5, we have adopted water as our theme and with the fluidity of water, we will be adopting a League System,”

“Water is indestructible for it can take all shapes and forms, it is a strong element in its own right.

“After fire, we bring you water. No doubt every punch and kick is electrifying and all fired up, but nonetheless,

“We want our fighters to be adaptable,” MIMMA said on its official website.

“We want fluidity because water can take all forms and shapes. You can give it the harshest of treatment but it will only change to suit the situation. Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water can wear away rock which is rigid. So be like water, my friend, and brace yourself for the rising tide in MIMMA 5.”