New video shows how the couple met on the show

Those who follow the Arrowverse series have already met Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the Elsewolds and Crisis in the Infinite Earth crossovers, but now is the time to find out how they met. An exclusive scene posted by EW revealed the couple’s origin in Superman & Lois.

As expected, the two end up meeting for the first time at work. Clark had just been hired by the Daily Planet and, like everyone in a new job, was doing his best to make a good impression.

The editor terrorizes Clark, but it’s only by finding the Lois Lane experience that he feels most welcomed. This is because the reporter tries to be a good colleague and decides to break the ice with provocations and a good-humored conversation. It’s lovely to see Clark curl up with the words his nervousness, a detail that seems to win Lane’s heart. Check:

The series will explore the nuances of Clark and Lois’ relationship, particularly from the perspective of the parents of two teenage boys. In addition to the family dynamic, actress Elizabeth Tulloch, who lives in Lois Lane, reinforces the importance of television in reinforcing the image of journalists as a character of the time.

“I can’t think of a more important time in recent history to play a journalist. After the last few years, when I feel that journalists and members of the media have been a constant target of attack, with their importance diminished, I think it’s important to have characters like Lois, using her words to fight for other people, and to fight for truth and for justice. says the Den of Geek.

Clark is embarrassed by Lois Lane.

In an interview with EW, the director of the first episode, Lee Toland Krieger, commented on the influence of classic Superman films on the creation of The Daily Planet for the new series.

“We wanted a Daily Planet that looked more like Richard Donner’s films. We got as close as possible. In fact, we were able to shoot in the Vancouver Daily Sun newspaper building, which was never used in the recordings because it is a newspaper still in circulation. But since everyone is working from home due to the pandemic, we were able to save there.

Despite the visual inspiration, the new series aims to explore Superman in a completely new way by using his parenting to differentiate the story. What do you think of the idea?

Superman & Lois opens February 23 in the United States.

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