New teaser shows Vegeta still wants to outdo Goku

After the end of the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol arc in Chapter 67, Dragon Ball Super returns to its axes in the next volume and reignites the eternal dispute between Goku and Vegeta. Now, let’s deal with the aftermath of the previous arc, especially after Vegeta decides to study the techniques instead of harnessing his brute strength in the battle against Moro.

Now Viz Media has released a new promo video for the next chapter of the manga. In the video, we get a quick look at the characters that will be important for the next story arcs, but a message from Vegeta catches the eye when he says, “I’m going to overcome Kakaroto using a different method.”

Check it out below:

It brings back all the rivalry between the characters and how Vegeta has always gone out of his way to prove himself stronger and more powerful than Goku. In this particular case, he seems to be talking about how the Saiyan learned to master Higher Instinct, a very high power technique. Still, the Prince of the Saiyans seems ready to outdo his ally using other methods and techniques.

Friends and rivals.

For those who have been following the latest arcs of Dragon Ball Super, you can see that Vegeta is ready to find new ways to defeat his ally. During the Tournament of Power, he gave up on trying to harness Higher Instinct, but his recent training has shown how he is able to awaken new techniques and skills without having to copy Goku’s powers.

Below, remember 20 moments that were censored in the Dragon Ball anime:

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