New promotional art shows actors wearing hero costumes

New promo art from upcoming Marvel Studios film Eternos offers new insight into the characters’ heroic costumes.

In the plot, the Eternals are an evolutionary branch of humanity, which has lived on Earth for thousands of years. When the deviants, enemies of the Eternals, rise up against the human race, the heroes will have to join forces to destroy such a threat once and for all.

And Marvel’s new team of superpowered beings has gained a promotional image through a movie merchandising product, which was originally scheduled to debut last year. The image features the correctly characterized characters including Thena by Angelina Jolie, Ikaris by Richard Madden, Makkari by Lauren Ridloff, Sersi by Gemma Chan, and Druig by Barry Keoghan.

Look at the photo of what looks like a clothing tag:

It is worth noting that some costumes shown in the image are different from those shown in 2019 at a Disney event. Compare:

The film is being directed by filmmaker Chloe Zhao, who is currently promoting her acclaimed feature Nomadland, with a strong chance of scoring in multiple categories for the upcoming awards season.

If all goes as planned, Eternos will open on November 5, 2021.

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