New posters confirm the height of the monsters

The biggest battle in cinema history is about to begin. At the end of this month, we’ll have the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, a film that will put the King of Kaiju against the Supreme Gorilla, in a conflict that could lead to the extinction of humanity as we know it. And now we have details of the magnanimous size of these two colossi.

Recently, Toho – the company that manages the distribution rights for Godzilla in Japan – released two new posters for Godzilla vs. Kong, who presents the Kaiju as if they were fighters before an argument. Both posters provide details about the characters, such as their names and origins. However, another detail caught the attention of fans: we now have confirmation of the height of each of the titans.

Godzilla reigns supreme, standing 120 yards in height – a very considerable size, which is consistent with anything we’ve seen of this American monster franchise before. On the flip side, Kong has grown a lot since we last saw him on Skull Island: he is now 102 meters tall, about 18 feet shorter than his rival reptile.

You can consult the following two posters:

Godzilla is 120 meters tall!

Kong is a little lower, 102 meters!

Despite being a bit smaller, Kong has several characteristics that can be advantageous in the fight against the King of the Monsters. As well as being more agile and faster, it will also wield a special ax, as seen in the trailer and posters for the film before. Still, he’ll have to be careful to avoid the nuclear beam from Godzilla, Kaiju’s most powerful weapon.

Godzilla vs. Kong opens March 24 in theaters around the world, reaching US theaters on the 31st of the same month. In addition, the film will also be released on HBO Max on the 31st. In Brazil, the film is scheduled for March 26, but with the state of public calamity declared, it is unlikely that the release will hit national theaters.

Below, stick with the most powerful titans of the Monstroverso:

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