New photos show heroines’ house and series logo

Yesterday, fans got to see the first footage of the live action series based on The Powerpuff Girls, which will air on The CW. Now two new photos from the recordings have been released, one showing a chair from the production that reveals the series ‘logo and another showing the heroines’ house.

The logo photo was posted by director Maggie Kiley on her instagram. Kiley will be responsible for directing the pilot episode and has previously directed episodes of Riverdale, Katy Keene, and Sabrina’s Dark World. The photo for the live action version of the house is from the fan account @

Take a look at the photos below:

House of the Powerpuff Girls in live action is very true to the original design, even with the red door.

The series will only be called “Powerpuff”, which can be translated as “Superpowers”.

In the cast of the series, we will have Chloe Bennet as Florzinha, Dove Cameron as Lindinha and Yana Perrault as Sweetie. In addition to the Superpowers, which is the name of the series, Donald Faison will play Professor Utônio and Nicholas Podany will be the son of the ruthless villain Mad Monkey.

The pilot of the series, currently being filmed, will first have to be approved by the CW before it becomes an “official” program on the broadcaster’s schedule.

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