New photos from the recordings show Peter Parker and MJ

Zendaya and Tom Holland are hard at work on the set of Spider-Man 3. The upcoming Marvel Studios film is already set in Atlanta, Georgia, and now new photos of the recordings have been released. In the photos, the actors first appear together in the feature film, returning to their roles as Peter Parker and MJ.

In addition to seeing MJ working in a donut shop, JustJared, who is responsible for the photos, works on-site with Ned, who does not appear in the photos. Meanwhile, Peter was nervous about approaching her and having coffee. The footage shows Spider-Man in civilian clothes reading a piece of paper, as if preparing to say something important to MJ.

Zendaya and Tom Holland appear filming scene from Spider-Man 3

We still know next to nothing about the story of Spider-Man 3, but it looks like Peter and MJ won’t be in the same place when the movie begins. In addition, other photos of the set of recordings were also released, showing a mural full of posters.

In one of them, an image of Mysterio with the phrase “I believe” below, is very close to another worn poster that appears to say “Citizens beat Spider”.

Check out all the images in the gallery below:

Spider-Man 3 debuts in December 2021

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