New Oracle costume revealed

Warning: spoiler alert!

In addition to introducing new heroes and placing traditional heroes in somewhat different positions, DC Comics’ Future State made several visual changes to the characters already known to the publisher. In the second month of the event, new versions continue to be featured, and in Nightwing # 2, it was Barbara Gordon, the Oracle, to show off her new look (via comic book).

In the comic book plot, Nightwing joined the new Batman, Tim Fox, to take on the magistrate and his agents, the Peacekeepers, to stop manipulating the citizens of Gotham. In addition to the two, several heroes and villains have joined the Resistance, a group that confronts the Magistrate after the Arkham Asylum exploded. In the scene, it is possible to see several characters, like the Two-Face, the Batwoman, Talia Al Ghul and the Huntress, as well as the Oracle, who is wearing her new costume:

Barbara Gordon’s participation in the volume is not significant, but her new outfit is still remarkable. With a greyish tone and purple and orange details, the look references some of the models the character already used when she was Batgirl. It becomes quite significant when it comes to character development, especially in relation to the end of his most recent solo series, as although the character fights directly, it was still the Oracle.

Barbara will be appearing in Asa Noturna’s new solo series, which will be released as part of DC’s next event, Infinite Frontier, which kicks off in March of this year.

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