New movie preview shows more transformations

Divided into two parts, Sailor Moon Eternal is set to return to theaters to be finished. After the first film premieres on January 8, we will now have the release of the second half, which is set to arrive in Japanese theaters on February 11. And to prepare fans for the completion of this epic franchise, we’ve just seen a new teaser that shows more transformations.

Sailor Moon Eternal adapts the Dead Moon arc, originally written by manga artist Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of the franchise. Naoko herself has been a creative consultant for both animated feature films, working in-house in production and offering assistance in composing the story. The plot serves as a direct sequel to Sailor Moon Crystal, and we see Sailor Senshi take on the terrible Dead Moon Circus.

Watch the video below:

It’s worth remembering that this preview is from the second part of the film, which hits Japanese theaters on February 11. It is not yet known many details on how or if the film will be released in North America and the world market, but it is quite possible that it will be distributed through digital platforms dedicated to the anime, as is. the case with Crunchyroll (which already has Sailor Moon Crystal in its catalog).

Sailor Moon Eternal is a two-part movie that adapts the ‘Dead Moon’ arc

Can’t wait to discover Sailor Moon Eternal? Have you read the Dead Moon arc from the manga? Leave your expectations for this new adventure in the Sailor Moon universe in the comments!

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