New manga hides reference to The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is Disney + ‘s biggest hit, bringing together fans from all over the world. Even the superheroes of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero) ended up indulging in the charm of the series. In its most recent chapter, the manga provided a simple reference to an important moment in the series’ first season.

All because Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of the manga, is a huge fan of Star Wars and other franchises that bring in elements of sci-fi. He loves to honor his favorite works and the darling of the time seems to be The Mandalorian.

The honored episode was Chapter 6 – The Prisoner, where Din Djarin must break into a space prison with a group of mercenaries – including Mayfeld, Xi’an, Qin and Burg – to free a dangerous criminal.

Mayfeld ends up returning in the second season of the series, when his fellow criminals were referenced in chapter 298 of the manga.

In this edition, the bad guys end up plotting a risky escape from multiple prisons, taking advantage of all the destruction done in a recent arc of the manga. What are the names of these prisons, you may be wondering?

PS3 / The prison names are allusions to Xi’an, Burg, and Qin – all characters from The Mandalorian’s escape episode (Xi’an and Qin are the blue Twi’lek siblings, and Burg is the Clancy Brown Hellboy) https: //

– Caleb Cook (@CDCubed) January 24, 2021

Exactly the same Japanese names as the criminals in Star Wars: Prison Shian, Prison Kuin, and Prison Bagu.

More interestingly, Mayfeld may have been left out precisely for his redemption in Chapter 15 – What You Believe In The Mandalorian. Kohei had previously commented on how excited he was about the show’s new season in a post in Weekly Shonen Jump, a magazine that publishes Boku no Hero, so those details are totally helpful. Check-out:

What did you think of this improbable mix? Would you like to see a reference to My Hero Academia in The Mandalorian? Be sure to comment!

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