New manga chapter shows new Genos fusion

Warning: spoiler alert!

Although it has yet to have a confirmed anime season three, the One Punch Man manga continues to be released in full swing and currently shows the struggle between the Association of Heroes and the Association of Monsters, led by the evil Dr. Psykos. And to fight it, Genos, the cyborg, had to adopt a new form, from a Fusion (via ComicBook).

With the “Monster Association arc” ending, Tatsumaki fights with all his might against Dr. Psykos, creator of Orochi, the monstrous being everyone believed to be the leader of the villainous faction. . However, even his power didn’t seem to be enough to annihilate the enemy, who merged with Orochi and became even more powerful. Genos and the hero Rank S Drive Knight arrive to help him, but they also face major issues.

Drive Knight’s energy begins to dwindle, causing him to suggest to Genos that the two have found their cores to gain power. The cyborg demon agrees and a new hero is born: Dragon King, who has all of the equipment, weapons, and skills of both combined.

Dragon King Tactical Unit: the result of the merger between Genos and Drive Knight impresses

Merged and transformed into the Dragon King, they fight with all their might against Psykos, but there is a catch: there is a time limit for the fusion, and if it is exceeded, the core of Genos can explode, killing them. two heroes. This weighs heavily during the fight, preventing them from being able to defeat the villain on their own.

Luckily, all of the S-rank heroes present seem to be helping them, each using their unique ability to kill the villain. Atomic Samurai, for example, uses his sword to cut off Psykos’ body parts, while Bang and Bomb use their martial arts to deal direct damage.

Psykos in final form: villain gives heroes a lot of work in the manga

And now can the allied forces of the Association of Heroes defeat Psykos for good or will Saitama have to solve everything on his own again? Leave your comments!

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