New manga chapter explains return of dead hero

Warning: spoiler alert!

While the fifth season of the My Hero Academia anime (or Boku no Hero Academia, in the original) does not kick off, the manga continues to be in full swing, showing the consequences of the open war between the superheroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, previously known as League of Villains. And in his final chapter, he was revealed as one of the professional heroes, abandoned for dead, reappeared at the most critical moment (via ScreenRant).

Previously on My Hero Academia…

Predicting that the Paranormal Liberation Front would soon make its move, the Public Safety Commission gave Hawks, Hero # 2, an important mission: to infiltrate the villains as a double agent. Though reluctantly, Hawks manages to complete his mission, deceiving enemies and allies with his cunning.

However, the final task of gaining the villains’ trust was difficult even for a master spy like him: handing over the corpse of Best Jeanist, the No. 3 hero on the leaderboard, which he ends up doing. The plan works, Hawks manages to expose the villains and keep the heroes from being in an even worse predicament than the one that unfolded. And the best: in the most desperate hour, Best Jeanist makes a triumphant return, very alive and ready for the counterattack. But how?

Best Jeanist’s body delivered as proof of loyalty to villains: hero resurfaces alive at the most opportune moment

Solve the mystery

The return of Best Jeanist is finally explained in chapter 299 of the manga, recently published in the anthology Shonen Jump. It shows the hero driving a sports car, accompanied by a seriously injured Hawks. His injuries are so severe that Beast Jeanist is even relieved that his mate is just asleep, not dead, and then reveals the secret of his return.

The hero explains that with the help of medical technology from the Central Hospital, which was inspired by the Nomus created by the League of Villains, he exposed his own body to be induced to a state of death, he s is the same technology used. to bring it back. It was also with her that they managed to save Hawks, despite all the injuries.

This method has its price, however: after being relaunched, the individual in question will feel quite exhausted for a long period, not yet specified. Best Jeanist himself describes his condition, saying it feels “like old, worn jeans”.

Best Jeanist in action: number 3 in the hero ranking, he made the difference in the current arc of the manga

Who is Best Jeanist?

Tsunagu Hakamata, better known by his hero name, Best Jeanist, is number 3 in the ranking of the world’s most powerful heroes. Tall and slender and with a long neck, he dresses elegantly with jeans and a denim jacket, the collar of which is so high that it almost completely covers his face.

His individuality, the “Fiber Master”, allows him to untangle parts of his clothes until they become thin and super strong bands of fabric, boys to restrict the movement of his enemies and, if he does. wants, to turn them into pieces. He also manages to manipulate the fibers of his allies’ clothing to force evasive maneuvers and save them from direct attacks. He also has great durability, so much so that he managed to stay conscious even after being hit by the almighty villain All For One.

A man of refined manners, he firmly believes that influential people should appear positive, both physically and socially. He inspires his recruits with emotional speeches, telling them to keep their lives tidy just like their clothes. He also chose to tutor Katsuki Bakugo because he wanted to “fix” his explosive and revolting style. Did not work.

Best Jeanist delivers one of his inspiring speeches: manners make man

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