New manga arc features a dangerous group of villains

The arc goes, the arc arrives, and Dragon Ball Super renews its cast of villains once again. The new threat to appear in the manga will require a very different strategy from Goku – these are the Heeters (via CB).

In Chapter 68, we were introduced to the Heeters, an alien group from Universe Seven. For now, they seem more concerned with gathering information before preparing for a full-scale attack.

His mastery plans are quite different, more down to earth than usual for the Dragon Ball universe. While enemies like Freeza tried to exercise their power and influence through fear, the Heeters use more obscure methods like blackmail and bribes.

Maki, Oil and Gas appear in the manga.

So far we have only known three members: Maki, Oil and Gas. The latter seems to be the most powerful of the trio. Despite his small size, he defeated Granolah in battle without much difficulty.

Even the Heeters are absolutely convinced that he is one of the most powerful warriors in the universe. But everyone says that before they meet Goku, don’t they?

The group seems interested in challenging Freeza and could have a good chance with Android 73 on their side. Who will emerge victorious from this shock? Be sure to comment!

Meet the most powerful warriors in Dragon Ball Super:

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