New Legacy explains Don Cheadle’s wicked plan

Space Jam: The Game of the Century was a turning point for the Looney Toones franchise and for cinema as a whole. Finally, we will have a sequel in Space Jam: A New Legacy and the Big Villain will be played by Don Cheadle, the fighting machine of the Marvel Universe.

In the film, Cheadle will be AI G Rythm (“IA O Ritmo”), who is not looking for talent. This time around, humanoid artificial intelligence is determined to steal the followers of basketball’s new darling – LeBron James.

To that end, he hatched a plan to suck the star and his son Dom (Cedric Joe) into the Warner 3000 entertainment servers, where the duo will interact with various movie icons.

AI G Rythm (Don Cheadle) Kidnaps LeBron’s Son

This “server-verse”, the universe within Warner’s servers, will function as one vast shared universe. While trying to escape this dimension, LeBron James will encounter characters like Batman and King Kong, but in order to escape he must win a basketball game against the Good Squad.

He hears about a legendary basketball team that lives on Warner 3000 servers and LeBron therefore sets out to recruit Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the rest of the Looney Tunes players.

Unfortunately, we won’t have the return of Monstar, the rivals of the original film, in this new feature film. AI G Rythm must assemble its own team of players with inhabitants of the Warner 3000.

Director Malcolm D. Lee with LeBron

Written by Ryan Coogler (Black Panther), Space Jam: A New Legacy opens in July 2021, exactly 25 years after Michael Jordan’s original film.

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