New Kawaki-focused anime arc released more info

Kawaki’s arrival in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation along the receptacle arc has been involved in a lot of mystery. But get ready to meet more of this most important ninja for the future of the franchise, as Kawaki will be the center of attention in the upcoming anime arc.

Officially called “Arco do Kawaki: Confronto com Kara”, the new phase opens at the beginning of April. Under the direct supervision of the Hokage – Naruto Uzumaki – Boruto will be forced to learn to live with Kawaki so that together they can discover more about the secrets of Karma.

Kawake will be a temporary resident of the Hokage house

In his brief fight scenes, Kawaki made it clear that he had learned to master his curse in his favor. A connection between his brand and Boruto’s was also evident. Soon, it’s only natural that Naruto decides to observe the mysterious ninja up close – and what place would be better than the Hokage’s own house.

The forced proximity will bring some interesting developments to the relationship of the young ninjas, who together will have to unravel the nature of the Karma brand. Especially to contain the advances of the Kara Organization, which will be even more present at this stage.

Kara’s organization will also be important in a new phase

The arc has been a big hit in the manga and will be essential in making Kawaki an antagonist to respect. Want to follow the future of Kawaki?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations can be watched in full via the Crunchyroll.

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