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While the DC live-action universe tends to receive a lot of criticism, the same cannot be said with the animation universe, where comic book stories are explored differently, taking in many heroes and villains from all over the world. the editor to feature films. . This year, Justice Society: World War II is the production that promises to take viewers to as yet unexplored parts of DC stories outside of the comics.

The film, which had previously received a trailer, will tell the story of the Justice Society of America, a group of superheroes who aid the Allies during World War II (via comic book). They contact Barry Allen, the Flash, however, who sends the group on a story-changing adventure. The film will feature several great DC characters in addition to Flash, such as Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Flash Jay Garrick, Steve Trevor, Hawkman, and Aquaman, among others.

Many of them were part of the group’s original formation, while others participated in some of their later incarnations. For those who don’t know, Justice Society was DC’s main hero team during the so-called Golden Age of comics. Later, the group’s history underwent a few changes and they became the version of the American Justice League of Earth-2.

Justice Society: WWII debuts in July on digital platforms

Justice Society: World War II has Jeff Wamester as its director, who was also responsible for the making of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. The film is expected to arrive on digital platforms on April 27 and will be released on Blu-Ray later on May 11.

So excited for the Justice Society movie?

You can check out the new footage from the film here:

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