New HQ repeats element of civil war

The Civil War is one of Marvel’s most important sagas of recent years, and it has caused all of the publisher’s heroes to split and fight for the right to follow, or not follow, a law that will keep them. required to reveal their identity and to work for the US government. It was after a big explosion which left several injured and killed. Now, Captain America’s new HQ repeats a very interesting element of the event.

In Captain America # 27, we see another big explosion in a place full of people, but this time we already know right away that it wasn’t an accident. In the edition, the Red Skull, now using the identity of Aleksander Lukin, makes a “trap” at the Freedom Sentinel and, by the end of the edition, his villainous plan seems to have worked.

In the story, Caveira Vermelha organizes a march with several white supremacists, which brings together groups such as the Red Skull Gang, Hounds and Friends of Humanity. Even with several fights from there, the villain has another plan: to detonate all of his “consumable” allies.

Captain America and Sharon Carter are attacked by a mob.

According to Caveira, he wanted the media to be there to document everything, to show Captain America and law enforcement fighting the mob and, in the end, detonate a bomb he had planted in Central Park. After the explosion, Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter manage to escape alive, but seriously injured.

After the explosion, the villain, as Lukin, holds a press conference to turn the public against the Avenger and says Captain America is a criminal, an agent of chaos and disorder who uses the Constitution as a weapon. . If in the end people will see behind all the lies of the villainous Nazi, only the end of the arc will respond.

Red Skull detonates a bomb, killing several of his allies.

Civil war

The plot reminded many fans of Civil War, one of Marvel’s greatest comic sagas in which, after a big explosion, the US government comes to control and arrest all heroes who break its rules. . However, at the end of the saga, it is revealed that the explosion was deliberate and had bigger interests behind it.

In the Mark Millar and Steve McNiven saga, villainous Nitro explodes in the town of Stamford, killing several innocent people. Ultimately, however, it is revealed that he used a drug that increased his powers at the behest of Walter Declun, of Damage Control. Declun wanted more contracts so his organization could rebuild towns and locations after superhero fights, in addition to being able to keep the heroes under his supervision.

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