New game update brings Predator skin and new missions

Fortnite version 15.21 arrived on Wednesday morning (20) with new content for players. The update features none other than Predator, one of modern cinema’s most famous and deadly monsters. At the same time, there are also new game modes and themed elements to make your game even more exciting (via ComicBook).

While users of last season’s Battle Pass will be able to unlock all new content in the same way as usual, anyone will be able to take on the Predator, which is loose on the map and will give a special item if it is. defeated: his camouflage device. Find out all about this news now!

How to find Predator in the game?

The predator can be found in the “Fortaleza Furtiva” area, but be prepared: just like in the movies, he is very strong and will not be defeated so easily. When defeated, the Predator will leave its camouflage device in the form of an object, allowing the player to become invisible for 30 seconds.

If you can’t beat him, don’t despair: if you manage to hurt the predator and stay alive to tell the story long enough, the game will count as a win and it will leave the stealth device the same. It’s not exactly a total victory, but you survived an encounter with the Predator, right? Consider yourself lucky.

The Predator in Fortnite: meeting the intergalactic hunter will be dangerous, but rewarding

What does the Predator update include?

Like previous crossovers with other movie franchises, the Predator update includes several items and cosmetics for gamers, all themed around the intergalactic hunter.

Jungle Hunter mode includes, in addition to the Predator skin, a hunter trophy in the form of an alien skull, an emote from the Predator bio helmet, character cuffs and a new monster loading screen. .

Predator Wrist Blades are included in the new update

How do I complete missions in “Jungle Hunter” mode?

The “Jungle Hunter” mode has relatively simple missions to complete, apart from, of course, defeating the Predator, which will be quite difficult. The prerequisites for your victory are:

Defeat the Predator Visit the Predator’s Apartment at Hunting Headquarters using the Predator Skin Do damage while the thermal is active using the Predator Skin Collect Legendary or Rare Weapons Complete a Reward Hunt using the Skin Predator Spend 30 seconds on 10 yards of a player using the Predator skin

Trophy awarded to “Jungle Hunter” mode

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