New game trailer details planet Atropos

The new generation of consoles have been around for a while and are starting to take hold for real as exclusive titles arrive. Among them is Returnal, a game for PlayStation 5 in the best Roguelike style, which has just won a new trailer.

Returnal’s new preview shows protagonist Selene exploring the planet Atropos, where the whole adventure will unfold. Alone, she must seek out her surroundings, discover her secrets and fight for her survival if she ever wants to return home. Check:

What is the plot of Returnal?

In the plot, researcher Selene is forced to make a forced landing on Atropos, a hostile planet, where she is attacked and ends up losing her life. However, he is resurrected each time he dies, having a new chance to complete his journey without repeating the mistakes from before, giving the player the freedom to adapt to different situations as they see fit.

With each death, the planet changes cycles and its objects also change, offering players new combinations and encouraging them to devise new strategies to overcome the challenges presented.

Selene explores Atropos in Returnal: Live, Die, Repeat

How does it feel to play Returnal?

Among the main features of the game are its intense combat, shown in third person. You’ll have several weapons at your disposal, but you need to use your ammo and resources wisely to survive the torrents of enemies, which come in all shapes and sizes. Each time you die, your gear returns from the start, so exploring the environment and honing your skills will be essential for the rest of your journey.

As the game’s story progresses, Selene gathers more and more fragments of her lost memory. To uncover the whole truth, you must get to know the planet in depth, make a connection with it, and understand how its fauna of hostile creatures works. By understanding the habits of your enemies and the environment around them, you will have a better chance of survival.

Exploration will be as important as combat in Returnal

Returnal, a PlayStation 5 exclusive title, arrives on April 30.

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