New episode says more about Kawaki’s past

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Boruto’s Vessel Arc: Naruto Next Generations is coming to an end, and the series has already begun to establish what will follow. The next anime saga, officially called “Arco do Kawaki: Confronto com Kara” as the name suggests, will feature the new character, who has been garnering attention since her introduction. Now, the most recent episode in the series has taken Kawaki a step further in history and has shown that what he doesn’t miss in his life is suffering (via ComicBook).

Previously, it had already been revealed that the ninja had faced some horrific situations, having been sold by his biological father and suffered from the experiences of Jigen and Kara. Episode 192, however, tells more about Kawaki’s past and shows that from an early age he has to survive surrounded by adults who are only looking to profit from his innocence.

In the episode, we see Kawaki’s dream, which occurs after using the Karma mark and sustaining injuries, which leaves him unconscious. At the start, the character, as a child, seems to cut tons of wood, a job for which he receives unfair remuneration. However, even this little money does not go to the boy and his survival, although he is in desperate need of food and water. Instead, the boy’s father takes advantage, as the money is spent on drinking for him.

Kawaki as a child.

As if neglect and absurd work weren’t enough, Kawaki’s father treats him terribly and their relationship is shown to be steeped in violence and abuse. The situation remains that way until, ultimately, the boy is sold by his father and Jigen buys him.

At first, Kawaki shows hope with this change, since he would no longer have to suffer the abuse of his father and could have a better future. This feeling, however, does not last long and the boy soon realizes that Jigen would not make a positive change to his situation. On the contrary, Kawaki understands that from then on he will suffer from things even worse than the difficult life he had previously led.

Aside from being the premise of an entire character-driven arc, the reveals are starting to work Kawaki better, showing how he became the ninja we know in Boruto. The boy’s past should also be better explored as he becomes more open and other characters find out what he suffered.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is available on Crunchyroll.

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